Another great Keith Peters example
Keith Peters(Bit-101) posted his IFBIN Hello World example for Flash(r) By Example. The example uses a force to repel characters of "Hello World" from the mouse cursor.
Demo of Flash 8 download&upload capabilities
Tink has put together a great example of the new File Upload/Download capabilities of Flash 8.
Flash Player 8 PNG compatibility

In the current Flash version loading PNG images in the Flash Player  using MovieClip.loadMovie() didn't work. But now, with the new Flash Player 8 support for PNG is finally included!

A demo of progressive JPG/GIF/PNG loading >>

Flash 8 review
Flash Magazine has got a great review on Flash 8 that is well worth reading.
New Flash 8 experiments at Bit-101

BIT-101 from Keith Peters has got some great Flash 8 examples, go ahead and check it out!

Presentations with new features from Dreameaver 8

A few MAX 2005 presentations contain a few of the new cool features of Dreamweaver 8 so go ahead, take a quick peek!

Flash Earth
Flashearth is an impressive example of using the data from Google and MSN Virtual Earth for a Flash interface.
Fireworks 8 features new CSS popup menu feature

Pop-up menus created by the current version of Fireworks are still table-based. Greg Rewis shows a cool feature of Fireworks 8, CSS popup menus that are easily integrated with Dreamweaver.


New Flash 8 Player Security Whitepapers
Macromedia has just published some interesting whitepapers about the Flash 8 security
Macromedia Announces Fireworks 8

Macromedia announced the release of Macromedia Fireworks 8, a comprehensive solution for creating and optimizing high-quality, lightweight graphics and images for the web. Fireworks 8 delivers many new creative tools, interactive design features, and mobile assets to expand the Fireworks palette for web designers and developers who need to create, edit, and optimize graphics and images quickly for websites or as mobile content.

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