Review and competition of Blog Design Solutions
We've got a mini-review and competition of the Blog Design Solutions book. The friendly people of Friends of ED are giving away 5 books.


Google Spreadsheets

Google launched a Web-based spreadsheet program that will allow people to view and simultaneously edit data while conducting "in-document" chat.

With the launch Google is directly competing with Microsoft's desktop-based Excel spreadsheet program.

Save as PDF functionality removed from Office 2007

This morning the Washington Journal reported that Adobe might be planning to sue Microsoft over the inclusion of export-to-pdf functionality in Office 2007. As a result of this, Microsoft has agreed to remove the Save as PDF functionality from Office 2007.


Adobe: GoLive and Freehand development will continue

With the acquisition of Macromedia’s products, many people expected Adobe to cut its own Web authoring tool, GoLive, in favor of further developing Dreamweaver. Adobe did not dispute the importance of Dreamweaver for the future of the company’s products.

An Adobe representative says “Adobe plans to continue to support GoLive and Freehand and develop these products based on our customer’s needs.”

Tom's Hardware Guide reviews Windows Vista
Tom's Hardware Guide has expended some serious effort in reviewing Windows Vista by spending about 500 hours with the most current version, putting this new Windows operating system through its paces.
Yahoo launches new video site

Yahoo launched a new video Web site at The new video page displays featured videos among viewers and includes a search box at the top. Users can also browse for video by categories or user-generated tags. launches blog search feature has launched a new blog search service this week. Blogs become more and more popular for news or information on local or specialised topics. is using the index already created and updated by subscribers to its popular Bloglines site.

StarOffice hit by its first virus
The first virus affecting StarOffice was detected this week, but so far it isn't being used to infect computers.
Microsoft discovers a new way to secure Vista
Microsoft uses a security feature that is also used in the open-source world to harden Windows Vista against buffer overrun exploits.
Microsoft demonstrates JPEG rival

Microsoft presented Windows Media Photo a competitor for the JPEG image format at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference.  

Windows Media Photo will be supported in Windows Vista and also be made available for Windows XP.

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