Apollo: Flash to go beyond the browser

According to Cnet.com, Adobe is working on client-based software that will run Flash applications separately from a browser, whether online or offline. The company is working on a project code-named Apollo, which will let applications written for Adobe's Flash presentation software run without a Web browser.

Google CEO predicts "limitless growth"

Google expects that rivalry with Microsoft and Yahoo will drive up prices and increase its revenue.

Review & competition ASP for Dreamweaver 8 book

We've got a mini-review and competition of Dreamweaver 8 and ASP. The friendly people of Friends of ED are giving away 5 books.

Winners of the AJAX and PHP book

Thanks to Friends of Ed we had 5 copies to give away of; AJAX and PHP. Out of the many correct answers we have drawn five users that have won a copy of ASP.NET for Flash, read more to see if you are amongst the lucky winners.



Microsoft talks about Windows CE 6

Windows CE is the OS that is used for Windows Mobile and Microsoft's other device software stacks for phones and PDAs.

According to Microsoft, Windows CE 6 offers a higher capacity for complex applications, fueling "more intelligent devices that offer advanced multimedia and Web services, and wireless networking."


Windows Live Messenger Public Beta Released
Microsoft has launched a public beta of Windows Live Messenger, an instant messaging program that features international PC-to-telephone calls with video capability.
Vista eliminates the need for anti-spyware & firewall software

According to the Yankee Group , new security features in Windows Vista will largely eliminate the need to run separate antispyware or firewall software.

Vista will dramatically affect the $3.6 billion market for Windows security products, according to a Yankee Group report scheduled to be published today.

Yahoo renews Web search advertising system

Yahoo will introduce a long-delayed upgrade to its Web search advertising system today. 

"Understanding how ads actually work together is what we are introducing with the new system," said Steve Mitgang, Yahoo's senior vice president of advertising. "The current core platform for YSM (Yahoo Search Marketing) has run its course."

Cyberattack knocks millions of blogs offline
About 10 million LiveJournal and TypePad blogs were offline or barely reachable for several hours Tuesday as the result of a huge denial-of-service attack.
Gates: Microsoft will keep Google honest
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates pledged on Wednesday that his company would "keep Google honest" when it comes to Internet Advertising.Google has grabbed an early lead in search and Internet advertising.
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