Google adds video ads

Google is taking the first steps to compete with television advertising this week by starting up a new video ads service. The company will place video commercials on the many Web sites where it sells advertising.

Review & competition ActionScript for Flash 8 book
We've got a mini-review and competition of the ActionScript for Flash 8 book. The friendly people of Friends of ED are giving away 5 books.
System Requirements for Windows Vista

Microsoft has announced the system requirements for its operating system Windows Vista. The website is branded with the slogan: "Get Ready" and provides information of the requirements and features of Windows Vista.

DMXzone Extensions updated

As you probably know, users have to click on Flash content in order to interact with it in the latest versions of Internet Explorer. The recent Dreamweaver 8.02 update has solved this problem.

Google releases Web Toolkit
Google has released a framework that enables developers to write Ajax-applications in pure Java-code.
Windows Media Player 11 beta release

Microsoft is launching a test version of a revamped jukebox that is to compete with Apple's iTunes. Microsoft will release the beta of Windows Media Player 11 for free to Windows XP users this week.

Adobe pre-releases AJAX framework to ease programming

Adobe pre-released an AJAX library called Spry, to make programming easier for Web designers.

The library is developed at Adobe Labs, the pre-release features data capabilities to incorporate XML into HTML documents using technologies such as HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and a minimal amount of JavaScript.

Firefox 2 Alpha 2 Review
Percy Cabello has posted a overview of the new feautures form the recently released Bon Echo (aka Firefox 2).
New Google applications
Google announced an update to its Google Desktop product, as well as several new products designed to enhance information gathering on the Web.


Apollo: Flash to go beyond the browser

According to, Adobe is working on client-based software that will run Flash applications separately from a browser, whether online or offline. The company is working on a project code-named Apollo, which will let applications written for Adobe's Flash presentation software run without a Web browser.

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