Google Page Creator
Google comes up with a new service that enable you to creat simple web site in a less than a minute as if you are creating a word document.
New Flash player and update on handling active content

Adobe has released a new Flash Player and a workaround for interactive Flash movies that are affected because of the most recent Eolas patch that Microsoft was forced to implement in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content
Eyetracking visualizations show that users often read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe.
Firefox passes Acid2-test
Firefox can be added to the list of browsers that have passed the famous Acid2-test. Among these browsers are Safari, iCab, Konqueror and Opera.
Microsoft releases 10 patches for IE including the Eolas-patch
Microsoft's dominant Internet Explorer browser has released several patches to improve security.
Review & competition ASP.NET for Flash

We've got a mini-review and competition of ASP.NET for Flash.
The friendly people of Friends of ED are giving away 5 books.

New .eu domains for DMXzone, FLzone and DNzone

EURid has registered more then 1,35 milion .eu domains... since the domain registration  became available.

We registered some of our portals to at the new .eu domain.

The following portals have a .eu domain now:, share your knowledge with the Community for webdevelopers and Dreamweaver users! The best extensions and quality content in one place., share your knowledge with the Flash Community! Download scripts, share flash movies and learn from quality tutorials on Flash and related technologies., share your knowledge with the .Net Community.
Learn all there is to know about ASP.NET, databases and various related technologies and share it with the .NET community.



Half Of Corporate PCs Can't Run Vista
About half of corporate PCs are not equipped to run all the features of Windows Vista. Gartner says that for most companies it is more economical to gradually deploy new PC's rather then upgrading the existing ones.

Windows Vista on Mac
A Mac user has managed to run Vista on his machine. It isn't a dual boot solution yet but as OSX needs to be removed prior to installing the Vista product.
Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming Impossible
Mike Danseglio, a Microsoft security official said businesses should consider investing in an automated process to wipe hard drives and reinstall operating systems as a practical way to recover from malware infestation.
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