New .eu domains for DMXzone, FLzone and DNzone

EURid has registered more then 1,35 milion .eu domains... since the domain registration  became available.

We registered some of our portals to at the new .eu domain.

The following portals have a .eu domain now:, share your knowledge with the Community for webdevelopers and Dreamweaver users! The best extensions and quality content in one place., share your knowledge with the Flash Community! Download scripts, share flash movies and learn from quality tutorials on Flash and related technologies., share your knowledge with the .Net Community.
Learn all there is to know about ASP.NET, databases and various related technologies and share it with the .NET community.



Half Of Corporate PCs Can't Run Vista
About half of corporate PCs are not equipped to run all the features of Windows Vista. Gartner says that for most companies it is more economical to gradually deploy new PC's rather then upgrading the existing ones.

Windows Vista on Mac
A Mac user has managed to run Vista on his machine. It isn't a dual boot solution yet but as OSX needs to be removed prior to installing the Vista product.
Microsoft Says Recovery from Malware Becoming Impossible
Mike Danseglio, a Microsoft security official said businesses should consider investing in an automated process to wipe hard drives and reinstall operating systems as a practical way to recover from malware infestation.
Is Google preparing an online Music and Video Store?
Google is preparing to launch a music downloading service, according to research firm Caris & Company.
Apple unveils software to permit Windows use

Apple released a first-ever software patch to run Microsoft's Windows operating system on its Intel Macs, a move that could draw millions of new buyers.


New Trends In Online Traffic

While growth is slowing at most top Internet sites, it is skyrocketing at sites focused on social networking, blogging and local information.


Mapquest unveils navigation help on mobile phones
MapQuest announced a mobile map service that customers can use on their cellular phones, complete with voice directions, text and maps in a bid to expand on the popularity of its Internet maps.

The MapQuest Navigator will be marketed as a cheaper alternative to navigation systems built into cars.

Google Earth Not An Equal Opportunity Spy Satellite
India may launch a formal complaint against Google over specific satellite images from Google Earth that reveal state secrets. Thailand, Australia and Russia have also filed similar claims against Google. 


Eoalas patch for Internet Explorer delayed

The IE update, which results from a patent of Eolas Technologies, changes the way the browser handles ActiveX controls and could have a significant impact on how online advertising and streaming media content is delivered over the Internet.

The software maker plans to give Web developers an extra 60 days to continue making preparations.

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