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DMXzone AJAX e-book gets major upgrade

We completely restyled our popular AJAX e-Book: Bring your website to live with DHTML and AJAX . We added a new modern layout and we've added some beautiful graphics.

If you've already bought this e-Book, you can download the upgraded version for free!

We regularly update our e-Books as a service to the community, so stay tuned for more updates of other e-Books as well!

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March 23, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Microsoft delays consumer launch of Windows Vista

Microsoft says it plans to delay the consumer launch of Windows Vista until January 2007 from an earlier target for the second half of 2006 and pledged to ship the next version of its operating system to business customers in November.

March 22, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Windows Live: Microsoft's Antitrust Savior?

Windows Live, might be the way for Microsoft to extend Windows without provoking new antitrust cases.

Microsoft had been sued earlier for bundling Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, Windows Messenger and more into Windows on the desktop. And its inclusion of these elements, plus even more – a calendaring application, a photo gallery, various games – in Windows Vista could spell bigger legal troubles for the company in the not-too-distant future.

March 21, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Gates about Internet Explorer and web apps

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates spoke to web developers at a conference in Las Vegas on Monday, in a keynote speech which picked up on the growing popularity of web technologies.

Gates also pledged to bolster the company's development efforts on Internet Explorer, which he said has lagged in recent years.

March 21, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Mozilla Firefox 2 Alpha available For Download

Cybernetnews reports that a Tinderbox Build version of the Firefox 2 Alpha has been released.

The fact that this is a Thinderbox Build version means that it may not be the same Alpha version that will be released Tuesday when the official Firefox 2 Alpha 1 will get released.

March 20, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Winners CSS Mastery book

Thanks to Friends of ED we had 5 copies to give away of CSS Mastery.

The correct answer to the question was: "max-width isn't currently supported by IE 6 and below, but it is supported by standards-compliant browsers such as Safari and Firefox"


March 17, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Enigma project cracks second code

Online codebreaking enthusiasts have managed to crack another previously uncracked message from World War II.

Thousands of users around the world have joined the M4 Project, using spare computing power to crack the codes of the famous enigma machine that was used by the Germans.

March 16, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam