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Winners CSS Mastery book

Thanks to Friends of ED we had 5 copies to give away of CSS Mastery.

The correct answer to the question was: "max-width isn't currently supported by IE 6 and below, but it is supported by standards-compliant browsers such as Safari and Firefox"


March 17, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Enigma project cracks second code

Online codebreaking enthusiasts have managed to crack another previously uncracked message from World War II.

Thousands of users around the world have joined the M4 Project, using spare computing power to crack the codes of the famous enigma machine that was used by the Germans.

March 16, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Opera 9.0 Fully Passes ACID2 Test

Opera has just become one of the few browsers that has been able to pass the famous ACID2 test.

Acid2 is a test page, written to help browser vendors ensure proper support for web standards in their products.

March 15, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Sony's Playstation 3 will be released worldwide in November 2006

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi told the crowd at the event that the PS3 will launch in November 2006 worldwide. That dispelled fears that the console would make it to Japan in time by the fall, but would miss the all-important holiday shopping season in the US and Europe. In fact, Kutaragi explicitly told the crowd of game retailers and journalists present that the PS3 would arrive before Thanksgiving in all territories.
March 15, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Cebit 2006 highlights

The Cebit is one of the largest electronic fairs in the world with the latest in high-tech gear. is one of the many sites that made a roundup on what's new in techy land.

March 15, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam

Google Mars

Google has conquered mars. Explore the red planet in three different ways: an elevation map shows color-coded peaks and valleys, a visible-imagery map shows what your eyes would actually see, and an infrared-imagery map shows the detail your eyes would miss.

March 14, 2006 Author: Frank Beverdam