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CSS Image Gallery Updated and On Sale!

Our latest update for this week is the CSS Image Gallery that is one of our most popular galleries ever and allows you to create cool pure CSS galleries and slideshows with a fluent navigation and image transitions. In a demo website you can see how the latest version of the gallery works as well as purchase it on a sale price!

June 1, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova

Advanced CSS Animator and Sliding Panels Improved and Bundled

Today, we have two new updates for Advanced CSS Animator and the Sliding Panels extensions for Dreamweaver. With some great improvements, now you can have compatibility with site root relative links Dreamweaver option for making all includes site root relative and even more. If you don't own these extensions we've also packed them in a CSS Animator & Sliding Panels bundle that comes with a great discount!

May 31, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova

What We Watch This Week: Creating Perspective in Photoshop

You may have perfect mastery of all Photoshop’s tools and filters, but unless you get the perspective right, your montages will always look a little off. In this engaging workshop, author and expert Steve Caplin teaches you how to work with horizons, vanishing lines, and Photoshop´s extraordinary Vanishing Point filter. You’ll also learn how to adapt a photograph so that it fits in with the perspective of any scene in which you want to place it. This course will make you a better Photoshop artist by teaching you essential techniques and taking the mystery out of perspective once and for all.

Next week the complete mini-review will be ready and you'll have the chance to win one for the 3 free coupons that Video2Brain are giving away for the DMXzone users!

May 30, 2011 Author: Lubov Cholakova

What You Missed This Week

This week we've updated Folder View 2 to work better with Dreamweaver templates, behavior connector events and folder listing. The purchase price is cut in half until next Wednesday, so be quick! Moreover, the HTML5 MP3 Player is better than ever before and it's also having a special price for one whole week. Finally be informed that we filled our Review- and Template Section with new awesome content as well!

May 27, 2011 Author: Rob Nijkamp

Folder View 2 Updated and Big Price Cut

Our developers have updated the Folder View 2 with a new automatic file updater and added lots of improvements to work better with Dreamweaver templates, behavior connector events and folder listing. With Folder View 2 you can create your own online dynamically tree of content. Instead of boring bullet listings, you have the power to customize the User Interface to suite everyone's needs. In addition to this big update, we've put our extension on a 50% discount until next Wednesday as well!

May 25, 2011 Author: Rob Nijkamp