Styling the DMXzone Nivo Slider

Along with the many supplied transition effects and CSS designer skins you can go even further and customize more elements of the DMXzone Nivo Slider. In today's premium content article we will show you how to style the bullets, arrows, caption and thumbnails. All you need to do is follow Teodor Kuduschiev in the process of editing the CSS, which is so easy, but will give your slider an amazing look that will match any website design.

If you still don't have the DMXzone Nivo Slider Dreamweaver extension, until Wednesday you can get it with a discount!

DMXzone Nivo Slider in Action for the Summer

After the flying start of our latest Dreamweaver extension - the DMXzone Nivo Slider, we decided to bring it to mobile devices and it looks as great as in any modern browser! The stunning transition effects are smooth and the slides change with ease. In this showcase we used the fresh skin and random transition effects that complement the image slides so check it out and if you still don't have the extension, until tomorrow you can get it cheaper!

DMXzone Nivo Slider Released with Special Discount for 48 Hours

Add a WOW Factor to your Website with our new DMXzone Nivo Slider! Stunning visual effects and lots of customizable ways to implement it in your projects! Once you explore the world of jQuery Sliders, make sure that you get the DMXzone Nivo Slider quick because of the Special Discount for the next 48 Hours!

Early Birds Sale - for 48 Hours Only!

We always appreciate our loyal customers and with the upcoming release of DMXzone Nivo Slider, which is about to become public tomorrow, we will give you the chance to get bigger discount. In the spirit of DMXzone 10th Anniversary this year, we're going to make some changes in the release sales, starting again tomorrow.

Under the Loop: DMXzone Nivo Slider Skins!

A day before the official release of DMXzone Nivo Slider, we're excited to show you the amazing designer CSS skins that are included in this Dreamweaver extension version of the extremely popular Nivo Slider from Dev7Studios. Not only you can use them to match your website design but you can style each one through the CSS for even greater look. If you missed the Features Highlights, you can check them out, before we make it public for all of you!

DMXzone Nivo Slider Features Unveiled!

If you missed our last week's announcement for the upcoming DMXzone Nivo Slider extension, here you can check out the features our developers packed in it. We will also give you a preview of the extremely helpful User Interface, which allows you to customize the slider with just few clicks. Greatly integrated in Dreamweaver, this extension is also supplied with out of the box image resize for hussle free slideshow generation, ready to go CSS designs and more...

Learn PHP/MySQL Video Training Winners

We're starting the week with some free PHP/MSQL Video Training from Infinite Skills for 5 lucky winners that read the mini-review and participated in our competition. We will contact each of the lucky ones via email. If you missed it, stay tuned for more video trainings coming soon!

What You Missed This Week
This week's summary is all about the updated Extensions, Advanced Tooltips, HTML5 MP3 Player and HTML5 Slideshow. They come with demos and even special prices, each for a limited time. We've also created a new free Dreamweaver Template in our Template Section.
Get Your Transportation and Logistics Template for Free!

We released a stylish Transportation and Logistics Template with a very intuitive interface. Enjoy working with this latest creation, and implement it in as many projects as you can! The template can be downloaded for free in our Templates Section.

Nivo Slider as Dreamweaver Extension is Coming Soon to DMXzone!

DMXzone Developers crew has been working on a Dreamweaver extension version of the extremely popular Nivo Slider, which is expected to be finalized pretty soon. This amazing image slider is supplied with 16 different transition effects and many great designer skins, which will let you apply it on any website design.

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