What You Missed This Week

While we're getting ready for sunny Los Angeles, it's again Friday and it is time to summarize the content from the past five days. We released an upgraded version of HTML5 Responsive Notify 2 so make sure to check it out. Also we posted some useful video tutorials on how to work with it. Until next Wednesday you can the extension cheaper because it's on sale.

Flashback Friday: DMXzone at Adobe MAX 2014

Time flies by fast and in a little more than two weeks we'll be again in sunny California. Last year we were super excited to meet some of you and we hope we'll see you again soon. If you couldn't make it back then or feel nostalgic, in today's flashback we'll walk you down memory lane.

George Petrov, the CEO and founder of DMXzone.com presented revolutionary new approaches for working with databases. He also announced DMXzone Visual App Designer that empowers the amazing Framework7, which by the way was improved recently. 

Notify your Users of their Actions

Here's another awesome showcase where you can see the power of our newly released HTML5 Responsive Notify 2. It's very simple to style the message box like we did, just some simple CSS customization and you're ready to go. The appearance of the messages is scaled to match the browser size. Whether it's a desktop or a mobile device browser, it will look great no matter what.

HTML5 Responsive Notify 2 Released and on Sale

So here it is! It's time to officially present HTML5 Responsive Notify 2 in all of its beauty. It's an excellent Dreamweaver extension if you want to inform your users of something important, capture their attention or notify them. The rich notifications allow you to give them feedback on the task that they've completed, about its status, success or failure.

You can even retrieve your notifications from a database driven source, because of its HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector support and much more. Until next Wednesday you can upgrade from your previous version or get it with our release discount. Just make sure to login first if you already own the first version.

Inside HTML5 Responsive Notify 2


We're a day away from the official release of HTML5 Responsive Notify 2 and it's time to dive into more details. As usual we have a nice list of features, which you can review and see what's included in this Dreamweaver extension. From beautiful animations to dynamic notifications it's all easily done through the interactive dialogue. You can even add user-friendly customized messages with different styling, links or images, thanks to the power of HTML.

HTML5 Responsive Notify 2 is Coming This Week

After a lot of hard work and development we're happy to announce version 2 of HTML5 Responsive Notify, which will be released this week. It's an excellent extension if you need to add error, success, warning and info messages to your website or application. Furthermore this new version will offer your users a great experience without any struggle.

Completely rewritten, it comes with full HTML5 Data Bindings support and runs smoothly on the latest Dreamweaver CC 2015. It lets you display messages with ease, and class. The detailed features are on their way and will be published in the blog tomorrow. The HTML5 Responsive Notify 2 will be released this Wednesday, so stay tuned.

What You Missed This Week

It's the end of the working week and we have our content summary packed for you as usual. During the last five days we released a number of awesome articles on Material Design, best iOS and Android designs that you can check to get inspired and many more. In addition, our DMXzone Cordova Builder made it to our sales list so now you can get it cheaper just make sure you do that before next Wednesday. Don't forget to step by our showcases section and see our latest additions in it. Below you'll find everything you might have missed during the week.

More Design Ideas with Visual App Designer


To give you some inspiration on what you can achieve with our Visual App Designer, we created two showcases as an example. Whether you want to design an app where the focus lies on beautiful photographs, or an organized and clear list with information, our showcases give you an example of what is possible. To easily export your final work to Android, iOS, Windows and other mobile operating systems, you can use our Cordova Builder. With just minimal effort and a few clicks you have your beautiful design working on all those different platforms.

The DMXzone Cordova Builder is also on sale now!


Generate your Apps with Cordova Builder

We've been talking about building apps since last week when we released our most awesomely improved DMXzone Visual App Designer for Framework7. And today we'll continue the line with DMXzone Cordova Builder, which lets you focus on the actual app and not on the building tools as they just work within the extension. No need for complicated installations and command line wizardry. Now you can run all the needed commands right from the dedicated floating panel and see the desired output. Run, build or emulate is a single click away! Below you'll find our entire collection of video tutorials, related to this extension so make sure to check them out and see how easy it is to work with it. 

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Cordova Builder with discount because it's on sale!

Step By Step Into Visual App Designer

Video tutorials are the easiest way to get familiar with our Dreamweaver extensions, because they walk you through the basic and also advanced usage of each tool. When it comes to our newly improved DMXzone Visual App Designer for Framework7 we have an amazing collection of 10 movies, which is constantly growing, and will teach you pretty much everything you need to know about it. We covered everything from setting it up in Dreamweaver, through inserting lists, cards, building dynamic apps and the latest - choosing an OS specific design. You will find the full list of videos below.

You still have time until tomorrow to get DMXzone Visual App Designer for Framework7 with discount so hurry up!

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