Add VAT Validation to Your Forms

With last week's release of HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on you might have missed that we also improved the HTML5 Form Validator extension. Among other improvements, after many requests from you, our developers added VAT validation. Below you'll find our latest video tutorial, which will show you how to use this powerful validation rule.

Don't forget that HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on is still on sale but only until tomorrow!

Inside Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator

It's Monday and it's time to unveil what our generous developers packed in the upcoming Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator. Among the tables, which you can create from any dynamic source or HTML5 Data Bindings data source, you can also make them fully responsive and even customize them. So make sure to check out the list below and stay tuned for our video tutorials tomorrow, when we'll show you more insights.

Auto Generate Responsive Bootstrap 3 Tables


One more amazing time-saver is our newest extension, which will be released next week. Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Table Generator is another addition to our highly useful Bootstrap 3 Collection of extensions. It lets you generate tables fully automatically, without writing a line of code. But more about that you'll find out on Monday, when we publish its great features.

Form Validator Unicode Released and on Sale
It's done, it's here and it's already available. Meet HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on, the extension, which lets you allow Unicode in your forms. It works with the most powerful HTML5 Form Validator ever and until next Wednesday you can get it with a special introduction price. Before you get it, make sure to update your HTML5 Form Validator as we improved it with VAT validation rule and more useful thing, which you can read below!
Getting Started with HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on

As promised, here's the video tutorial, which will walk you through the extension and show you how easy it is to work with HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on. Before we make it public tomorrow, just keep in mind that the add-on only works with HTML5 Form Validator extensions so you need to have that one too. We'll also release an improved version of the HTML5 Form Validator, which will feature the mostly desired VAT validation.

Inside HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on

It's Monday and it's time to take a closer look at the features in our upcoming release - HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on. In this highly useful addition to the HTML5 Form Validator extension, you'll find everything you need to allow your users to use Unicode in your forms' inputs and even more. So check out what's in it and stay tuned for some video preview tomorrow.

Allow Unicode in Your Form Inputs

One very useful addition to the HTML5 Form Validator will be released next week. It's called HTML5 Form Validator Unicode Add-on and allows Unicode inputs in your forms. Supplied with 131 scripts, you can choose any writing system from around the world or a combination of systems to be validated in your forms. Also, you can allow your users to use Unicode properties such as marks, numbers, punctuation, symbols and separators. Stay tuned for more insights coming next week.

DMXzone Zip Processor Released and on Sale!
One more add-on for DMXzone Server connect is already available! DMXzone Zip Processor is the proper extension to use for packing and unpacking files, with the industry standard ZIP compression, without writing a single line of code on your page. You can even compress folders, for the quickest backup, optionally with their subfolders. Additionally, use form fields to allow the users to select their own files to be compressed in a new zip file for direct download.
Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone Zip Processor with discount and even greater one if you already own Zip Processor PHP/ASP 3! 
Improved Extensions This Week
We have a number of awesome DMXzone extensions that have been improved. The easiest way to get their latest versions is from the mighty DMXzone Extension Manager. Along with the DMXzone Server Connect, our developers updated DMXzone File System Connector, DMXzone Image Processor, HTML5 File Upload and DMXzone Mailer. So check out what's new below and update the ones you have. 
More Power for DMXzone Extension Manager

If you missed today's big update on the DMXzone Extension Manager, which by the way comes automatically, here you'll find what we improved and added. As of this version, both, for Win and MAC come with restyled extensions and collection pages. Also 32bit for MAC is no longer available and the new Win 32 and 64 bit versions are with amazing font and UI rendering. You can check out the full list below.

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