What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the past five days, here's our weekly summary, where you'll find what we released. We started the year with a completely rewritten version of HTML5 Parallax Slider 2. Below you'll find some useful video tutorials, the extension manual, an amazing showcase and also some more detailed overview of its features.

Until next Wednesday HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 is on sale and with even greater discount if you own it's first version. Just make sure to sign in with your DMXzone account first. 

Stunning Presentations with Parallax Slider 2

Our first extension for this year has been officially released. Completely rewritten so you won't experience any troubles in your 64-bit Dreamweaver, HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 features a large number of different options, which you can use in order to customize it any way you want. From different designer skins to powerful elements with background colors and images, it's all possible. Just divide your content into slides and you'll get a stunning presentation.

Until next week HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 is on sale and with even greater discount if you own it's first version. Just make sure to sign in with your DMXzone account first. 

What You Can Do with Parallax Slider 2

HTML5 Parallax Slider 2 is just the right extension if you want to create powerful presentations. It not only allows you to build stunning image galleries but also add any content you want. Each slide is easily customizable and you can add different content, set beautiful animations and even more to impress your users. The extension is supplied with tons of options, which you can use to enhance your website with colorful images and presentations. Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow and the awesome showcases, which will show you what you can achieve.

New Extension to Open Up 2016
Happy New Year, everyone! We're back! And of course we're not starting the new year empty handed. Quite the contrary. A brand new version of our most popular HTML5 Parallax Slider is on its way and will make its official appearance on Wednesday. What better start than an extension, which give your users the ultimate 3D depth illusion experience.
Happy New Year from DMXzone
Happy New Year to the whole DMXzone community. We hope you're having a great time with your closest ones because we sure does. We would like to thank you for the amazing year when you once again trust us and pushed us to do what we do the best - our job. This year we'll celebrate our 15th anniversary and we promise you to break the limits and bring you everything you need. Cheers from the whole team and we'll see you back in just three days.
Get a Yearly Subscription with 20% Discount


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope you're enjoying the holiday season. Our last surprise this year is for those of you who like to have all of our extensions and templates. Until 31st December our All Extensions Access Yearly subscription is on sale with 20% discount. Keep in mind that you can not extend your existing subscription, you're simply getting a new one.

The Best of DMXzone Extensions 2015 for Design and Appearance


What is more important than a great user-experience? The answer is simple - nothing. If you can provide your users with that, your job is pretty much done. And these are the extensions we'll be talking about in the second part of the Best of series. Responsive layouts, awesome content and beautiful image galleries are what you need to achieve the ultimate user-experience but you have to have the right tools.

The Best of DMXzone Extensions 2015 for Dynamic Sites and Apps


If you're new to DMXzone and are struggling with our over 100 extensions, this article will be a helpful read. This year we released a number of great Dreamweaver tools but there's a list we're particularly proud of. Below you'll find our most downloaded and used database extensions this year, which brought the server side workflow to the next level. In the second part of this series we'll take a closer look at the extensions, used for design and the ultimate user-experience.

DMXzone Calendar 3 Gets Power Boost

We're nearing the holiday season and with less than 10 day until Christmas it's time for our last update. Thoughtfully, our developers just delivered an improved version of DMXzone Calendar 3 to mark the end of a great year for us. The newest version of the extension features the latest jQuery UI 1.11.4 and also improved support for El Capitan and Dreamweaver CC 2015. But don't be disappointed as we have more to share with you until the end of 2015 so stay tuned.


12 Days Till Xmas Sale Starts Now
12 days with 12 surprises just before Christmas! Every day until 25th December you'll find the special offers in our advent calendar. We'll reveal an offer a day until the first day of Christmas. For 24 hours only you can get the daily selection of extensions (and more) with discount so make sure to check us regularly and find out what's behind. The multiple purchase discount also applies so the more extensions you get the cheaper they will be.
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