DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 Released and on Sale

DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 is a Dreamweaver extension that doesn't need much explanation about its powers. There's almost no forms to fill out without it as it's a great way to protect them from spam and other automatically generated program attacks. As you already noticed, it's based on the Google CAPTCHA API so there's no escape.

Until next Wednesday you can get DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 with discount and even greater one if you upgrade from the previous version. Make sure to login with your DMXzone account so you can see the proper price for you. 

Easy to Create Reservation Form

With last week's release of HTML5 Form Validator and our previous release - DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer, now you have all you need to create stylish, fully-functional and well-validated forms. In our latest showcase we combined these two gems to make a complete reservation form, which you can see below. In addition, we added a few quick improvements on the HTML5 Form Validator because of the upcoming DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 so make sure to get the latest version.

Only until tomorrow you can still get the HTML5 Form Validator with discount if you still don't have it so be quick.

DMXzone Extension Manager Now Supports Gatekeeper

To ensure the security of our OSX users, we have officially signed our DMXzone Extension Manager app for OSX with Apple Approved Developer certificate so it installs and runs well on all Mac OSX systems that have enabled the advanced Gatekeeper security. Now, users that want to take advantage of the new signed DMXzone Extension Manager, need to just download and install the new app from its product page.

Inside the Upcoming reCAPTCHA 2

There might not be a large list of features in this extension but DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 power is very strong if you need to protect your website, forms, emails, etc. Supplied with both client and server side validation, it runs perfectly on any mobile device or desktop browser and offers the ultimate spam protection. And also, as we mentioned yesterday, it comes with advanced analysis engine to determine if the user is a robot. Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!

DMXzone reCAPTCHA 2 on its Way!

We just released HTML5 Form Validator but one simple, yet so useful extension is about to make an official appearance this week too. The successor of DMXzone reCAPTCHA is the ultimate spam protector for your forms and website. It allows you to add advanced security with just a couple of mouse clicks! Forget about hard to read text and images, your users only need to check a box, verifying their human nature.

What You Missed This Week

If you've missed anything this week, don't worry you can find it all in this post. Our main topic has been form validation. This mostly because of our latest very powerful and useful release: the HTML5 Form Validator. We've also discussed the importance of form validation for the security and user experience on your website and how the HTML5 Form Validator can help you achieve to very simply add great form validation without wasting too much time. Some more good news is that this great extension is now available with a discount until next Wednesday! 

Why Is Bulletproof Form Validation Crucial?
With the release of the HTML5 Form Validator we've been talking a lot about form validation these last days, but why is it so important? Well, form validation is crucial for your website security and a good user experience. Also, not any less important, if implemented right it saves you and your users a lot of time and trouble.
It's HTML5 Form Validator Time!

It's time that you meet our 2016's precious, better known as the HTML5 Form Validator. Without any further due, we're extremely happy to announce that after really hard work it's been officially released and you can get it any time. We apologize for the delay but you'll see that it was worth the wait as we ended up adding 37 validation rules to choose from and making sure that you can even use your own regular expression rules. So that should be something, right?

Until next Wednesday you can get the HTML5 Form Validator with special release discount and even greater one if you already own the previous version! 

An Introduction to HTML5 Form Validator

Just a day before the official release of HTML5 Form Validator, which pretty sure, we'll call it the release of the year later, we have two amazing videos to experience the power of this extension. You can watch how super easy it is to add client and server side validation with just a few clicks. Of course, you can do a lot more with this extension but you'll have to wait a bit longer, until tomorrow to see everything so stay tuned!

HTML5 Form Validator Coming on Wednesday

We know you all have been waiting for this for quite long. And we're extremely happy to say that he did it! Congratulations to Leonardo DiCaprio who finally received his well-deserved Oscar! In non-related news, we're also happy to announce that the HTML5 Form Validator extension will be release this Wednesday, so yeyyy!  Let's take a sneak peek of what you can do with this upcoming Dreamweaver gem, shall we?

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