Improved Extensions This Week
We have a number of improved DMXzone extensions today, so before you get DMXzone Image Processor make sure to have the latest version of DMXzone Server Connect. Also we improved DMXzone Database Connector PHP and now it comes with full support for PHP7. Last but not least HTML5 File Upload and DMXzone File System Connector are also updated therefor make sure to check out all improvements below. 
Getting Started with Image Processor

We're just a day away from the release of one of the most desired Dreamweaver extensions this year. Before we make it available tomorrow, you can watch two video tutorials, which will show you just a couple of large number of amazing features, included in DMXzone Image Processor. Make sure to check them out and stay tuned for the official release!

Sneak Peek DMXzone Image Processor
DMXzone Image Processor is the answer when it comes to processing raw images to a substantial level, where they look most professional. With this extension, you can perform a large number of manipulations and offer your users the best result possible.  Make sure to check what's included in this great upcoming extension. The release is set for Wednesday so just two more days of waiting.
One Extension to Rule Them All

After months of sleepless nights, tons of code and a tear or two, we're more than proud to announce that the waiting for the new generation DMXzone Image Processor is over. It's ready to make it official appearance next week and until then you can explore the amazing options that our developers stuffed in it. Resize, crop and 17 image effects are just a few of the features included so stay tuned!

Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator is Here!


The waiting is over and we're happy to announce the official release of Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator. Code name "the time saver" it's already available and ready to show you the magic of automatically created dynamic forms. Keep in mind that the extension required DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Forms Designer, DMXzone Server Connect and HTML5 Bindings to work. So make sure you have these installed in your Dreamweaver before getting the Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator.

Until next Wednesday Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator is on sale with a special price so get it now!

The Bootstrap 3 Family and Server Connect Got Improved

Before we make Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator public for all of you, we have improved versions of all our Bootstrap 3 extension. They've been updated to work smoothly with this upcoming tool and also DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 3 Forms Designer are required so you can use the Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator. So make sure to install the latest versions, which are already available in the DMXzone Extension Manager.

Getting Started with Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Designer

We won't be teasing you much longer with our upcoming Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator. But before we make it public tomorrow, we would want you to see its powers. Therefor we have two awesome video tutorials, which will show you two automatically generated forms, from an update record and from an insert record, and how easily its done.

What's Inside Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator
While our developers are finalizing this amazing new tool, a sneak peak is in order so you can see this time saver called Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator. From auto generated forms from database inserts and updates to forms from HTML5 Data Bindings data source, it's all possible. You can even build dynamic form inputs like selects, check boxes and radios with values from bindings, fully automatically.
Auto Generate Dynamic Forms
Tired of creating mile long forms with a large number of fields manually? Well, our upcoming extension will make these in a blink of an eye, while you sip your beer. It's called Bootstrap 3 Dynamic Form Generator and is the next great addition to the Bootstrap 3 family. It generates full forms based on HTML5 Data Bindings data source or a Server Connect action file inputs.

Ideal for quick and easy form generation for forms to be used with DMXzone Server Connect and HTML5 Form Validator. So stay tuned for more info and its official release next week!

Power Up Action Scheduler
Our newly released DMXzone Action Scheduler might not be the biggest extension ever but accompanied by other DMXzone tools turns out into a mighty beast. Three DMXzone extensions have been improved for its needs and now you can refresh HTML5 Data Bindings data sets on specific time intervals. Also, you can use HTML5 Animate CSS animation when refreshing parts of your page, dynamically. And control the HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater with DMXzone Action Scheduler
Until next Wednesday you can get HTML5 Animate CSS cheaper so hurry up if you still don't have it. 
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