Framework7 Features Included in Visual App Designer
Yesterday we showed you the general features, which our developers included in DMXzone Visual App Designer and today we'll show you the Framework7 features that will blow your mind. To create apps using Framework7 is as easy as website creation. Try to start and you will be surprised how easy it is. There are two available layout themes to choose from and 10 color themes. The applied color theme affects the interactive elements such as links, buttons, form elements, icons.So make sure to check out all the features below and stay tuned for the components features later today.
Visual App Designer General Features

Today we'll take a closer look at the features, which our developers included in the upcoming DMXzone Visual App Designer for Framework7. The list is pretty long and we separated them in three blog posts so do not miss the other two tomorrow. The first part features Visual App Designer's awesome app structure with its infinite options for easy app building and customization, the rich UI property inspectors, integrated inspectors for nested elements, dynamic app building support and more that you can check out below.

Set up DMXzone Visual app Designer for Framework7

Just a few days before we make DMXzone Visual app Builder for Framework7 available on our website, we start our video tutorials series, in which we will walk you through the process of working with this amazing DMXzone extension. In the first video you can see how easy it is to set it up in Dreamweaver, pin the awesome floater tree and insert the default app layout so make sure to check it out. Stay tuned for our Features in Detail coming on Monday.

Bootstrap 3 Meets the Improved Cordova Builder

While our developers are still polishing DMXzone Visual App Designer for Framework7, we packed another awesome collection of DMXzone extensions. Cordova Builder & Bootstrap 3 Collection features all the needed tools to create your mobile app layout, add functional navigation and add user-friendly content. In addition, the improved DMXzone Cordova Builder is also packed in it so you can easily define, generate and build your mobile application.It's new version comes with improved Dreamweaver CS6 and CC compatibility, correct detection for Android Studio and SDK on 64 bit Windows in CS6, and more.

Visual App Designer in Action
Yesterday  we showed you a sneak preview of our upcoming DMXzone Visual App Designer for Framework7 and how it looks like within Dreamweaver. Today, we have an amazing app, which we built using this awesome extension, which you can preview in the browser or on any mobile device. It's entirely designed with DMXzone Visual App Designer and has all the needed components such as navigation and content for a mobile app. In addition, you can also see the beautiful app structure within the Visual App Designer panel in Dreamweaver and the app itself in Live view.
DMXzone Visual App Designer Coming Soon

Our developers prepared another awesome extension that gets along with DMXzone Cordova Builder pretty well. Based on Framework 7, DMXzone Visual App Designer displays the structure of your app fully visually in Dreamweaver, allows you to add and edit elements in the new editable Live View, add only elements valid for the current context, move around elements while their structure stays intact, and many more. Visual design, drag & drop app building, context oriented and editable live view integration are just a few of the awesome features added in the upcoming DMXzone Visual App Designer.

Keep in mind that the sale for DMXzone Cordova Builder ends on Wednesday so be quick and get it now if you still don't have it. 

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week we're happy to confirm that DMXzone Cordova Builder has been released on Wednesday. You can watch its super-useful video tutorials and learn quickly how to work with this awesome DMXzone extension. In the list below you'll find the full list of DMXzone content that's been publish for the past few days.

Until next Wednesday DMXzone Cordova Builder is on sale and you can get it with discount so be quick! 


Build Dynamic, Database-driven Mobile Apps

One of the biggest advantages of our newly released DMXzone Cordova Builder extension is that it allows you to build static as well as dynamic, database-driven mobile apps. Needless to say, you can use almost any DMXzone extension for your apps. Simply design it in Dreamweaver and DMXzone Cordova Builder will do the rest for you. When it comes to dynamic mobile apps, it's pretty simple if you follow our step by step video tutorial below. HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP are your savior with their built-in connection wizards.

DMXzone Cordova Builder Released and on Sale

We're extremely proud to announce a long awaited Dreamweaver extension - DMXzone Cordova Builder. It allows you to define, generate and build mobile applications based on Apache Cordova (formerly known as PhoneGap), empower and replace the old deprecated Dreamweaver PhoneGap build. With this awesome tool it's possible to deploy your app build in regular HTML5 and CSS as a mobile app to all of the major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Amazon Fire OS, Firefox OS and more. If you missed our video tutorials during the week, make sure to watch them before purchasing this tool.

Until next Wednesday DMXzone Cordova Builder is on sale and you can get it with discount so be quick!

DMXzone Cordova Builder Features Part 2

We're just a few hours away from publishing the DMXzone Cordova Builder but until then you can check part 2 of our features in detail article. You can learn more about our smart Cordova command line shell and how to use platform native commands in it. When you run Cordova commands you will see a nice progress circle that you can even cancel if you want to stop the process. Also full color coding is supported so you will see various messages in different colors depending on their status. In addition, the extension comes with great support for BlackBerry 10 simulator and you can try your apps directly in it. These and more you'll find in the list below.

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