Add, Edit and Delete Functionality in Ajax Datagrid Part 2

In the first part of the video series we showed you how to Setup your database and add "edit" and "delete" icons in your Ajax Datagrid. Part 2 will cover the process of adding an "Add new" record button on an Ajax Datagrid page that opens an insert record page within a DMXzone Lightbox. We also added the needed source code that can be downloaded from the video right sidebar. Stay tuned for part 3 where we'll add functionality to the edit and delete buttons.

What You Missed This Week

If you missed us this week, this is the summary of the content, updates and more that we released during the last few days.We have 2 new updates for Feed Genie, which is currently on sale with 50% off until Wednesday and DMXzone Google Maps. Also we designed new showcases with them to get you inspired and see what you can do with both Dreamweaver extensions.

Add, Edit and Delete Functionality in Ajax Datagrid Part 1

Due to the many question about this subject we will release a series of videos starting with part 1 in which we will show you how to setup your database and add "edit" and "delete" icons in your Ajax Datagrid. In the second part you can learn how to add functionality to them, so you can easily use them directly in your tables.

Google Maps Updated with New Features

In today's updates we included the DMXzone Google Maps and its Add-on, the Google Maps Directions. Our developers included new features such as auto zoom, auto center, key markers and many other so you can check out the full list below. We also added a new showcase to give you some ideas what you can do with these extensions.

Both extensions are also available in a bundle pack called Google Maps & Directions Add-on, which comes with a discount!

Feed Genie Improved with Unlimited Items

In today's update we've improved our Feed Genie extension to deliver unlimited items for other DMXzone extensions that use Feed Genie as data source like HTML5 Slideshow, DMXzone Supersized and others. With this awesome tool you can add the feed fields directly from the Data bindings panel to your page and any tag attributes as dynamic data!

For a limited time you can get this extension with 50% off and save big!

What You Missed This Week

This week we have a new updated version of our DMXzone Supersized, which comes with a new feature and numerous improvements. We also discounted it with 50% and until next Wednesday you can buy it cheaper. In order to inspire you we have designed couple of showcases and video tutorials to help you work with the extensions so read on to find out more.

DMXzone Supersized Comes with Random Slides

In our newest DMXzone Supersized 1.0.1 you will find a new feature that's been requested from users during the past couple of weeks and that allow you to start your supersized with a random slide when loaded. Also in this update we've included couple of improvements regarding the Dreamweaver integration and installation on CS5.5+. Below you will find the full list of improvements and a useful demo that's been designed with this amazing Dreamweaver extension so read on.

If you still don't have the DMXzone Supersized until next Wednesday you can get with with 50% discount!

Video Tutorial: Dynamic CSS Image Gallery

In today's video tutorial we will show you how create a dynamic CSS Image Gallery. It gives you complete freedom to use all Dreamweaver build in dynamic data server behaviors so you can easily generate a gallery from a recordset with repeat region. If you're still not familiar with this great Dreamweaver extension, check out the features, demos and videos because it complies with the latest web standards and is fully JavaScript unobtrusive, meaning that the images will always be displayed, even if your users don’t use JavaScript.

Facebook Motorcycle Store Offers Showcase

With the release of the Timeline features, Facebook made it possible to design your pages up to 851px wide and therefor our Dreamweaver extension Facebook Fan Page is more powerful than ever. Last week's update came with full support for the new Timeline, customizable width, improved TestRunner so you can preview your design before uploading to Facebook and more. Below, you can explore our newest showcase, where we'll show you how easy it is to create Facebook pages with one extension and some CSS tricks.

What You Missed This Week

This week we're celebrating DMXzone's 11th birthday with some amazing discounts, showcases and updates. We also implemented the new Timeline on our Facebook page so if you're still not a fan of ours you might want to check out the new design. Below you will find a summary of this week's content, and discounted extensions and subscriptions.

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