What You Missed This Week

This week, we have for you a new Tabs & CSS Navigation Menu bundle and two amazing Dreamweaver extensions updates. The new version of the CSS Image Gallery is coming with greatly improved Safari & Chrome support and image preloading in the gallery for the fastest visual response. Now our Animated Thumbnail Gallery is equipped with faster and better effects that will make the transitions of your galleries even more natural and smoother. We've put this great extension on sale so be quick to get it now with over 50% discount.

DMXzone Accordion Coming Next Week!

With the release of our highly successful DMXzone Tabs extension we thought it might be a great idea to be able to arrange your content also in a stylish accordion, again with 24 different CSS designs. So If you liked our DMXzone Tabs, you'll definitely love our upcoming DMXzone Accordion, which will be released next Wednesday. Stay tuned for the Features in Detail coming up on Monday to find out what we packed in this tool!

CSS Image Gallery Comes with Great Improvements

CSS Image Gallery allows you to create cool pure CSS galleries and slideshows with fluent navigation and image transitions. Our latest version includes improved support for Safari and Chrome, image preloading in the gallery for the fastest visual response and many more, so check out the full improvements list below along with the latest showcase.

Tabs & CSS Navigation Menu Bundle Released

With our newest discount package Tabs & CSS Navigation Menu bundle not only you will save 20% but also get two amazing Dreamweaver extensions that you can use in order to create stunning website navigations and tabs for your content. In the demo page below you can can explore how we combined them in order to create a product page with detailed content.

Animated Thumbnail Gallery with Faster and Better Effects

With the Animated Thumbnail Gallery 1.0.4 and its improved animation effects your images will look even more natural and the transitions will be smoother than ever before. Now this amazing extension uses CSS Transitions on IE9 for better effects and its file size are optimized for faster loading. Check out all the improvements we've made to provide you with the best solution for creating great looking galleries with stunning animation effects.

If you still don't have the Animated Thumbnail Gallery, now is the perfect time to get it with over 50% discount so hurry up!

Wine Shop Sales Page for Facebook

Are you looking for a great way to improve your business sales? Here's an idea what you can do with some discounted coupons and Facebook. Using our recently released DMXzone Tabs and Facebook Fan Page extensions we created a Facebook Fan Page that offers discounts for a wine shop. For non fans, only the welcome tab is visible with a message on how to receive the discount coupon and the page fans can print their coupon directly from the discount coupon tab. Of course you can add as much info in and as many tabs as needed.

Both extensions are currently on sale for a limited time so hurry up!

Awesome One Page Website with DMXzone Tabs

In today's showcase we will show you how how awesome a one page website with divided content can be, with the help of our recently released DMXzone Tabs. If you missed this extension, visit its product page and learn how easy you can divide and style your content in tabs, and edit it directly in Dreamweaver design view. Until Wednesday it also comes with a special price!

What You Missed This Week

This week, we have released the DMXzone Tabs and improved two of our most popular extensions, the DMXzone Calendar 2 and Facebook Fan Page, so that you can keep creating amazing websites that use the latest technologies available for web development. Check out the amazing features of our DMXzone Tabs and the live demo that showcases how you can organize any reach content like images and videos into different sections on a single page. We've put the Facebook Fan Page and DMXzone Tabs on sale, so hurry up to save big with their special prices!

Facebook Fan Page Improved and On Sale

After the release of the DMXzone Tabs, comes a new version of our popular Facebook Fan Page. We've improved the extension installation for DW CS 5.5+ and now you can build new Facebook Fan Gates or keep them up to date within the latest versions of Dreamweaver. This amazing extension is all you need when looking for an easy way to customize your Facebook Fan Page Tabs. It enables you to use all the DMXzone extensions and empower your Fan Gates!

If you still don't have the Facebook Fan Page, for a limited time you can get it on a discounted price!

Creating Multi Language Insert Record Page

In today's video tutorial we will show you how to avoid the creating of numerous insert record pages if you have a multi language website and design only one with various tabs for each language, that will save your records automatically. In order to make a multi language insert record page all you need is our Advanced HTML Editor 3 and the newly released DMXzone Tabs so check out the video below!

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