Ajax AutoComplete 1.0.7 Live and Packed with DMXzone Google Maps

If you followed us this week, you must have seen the great article we post yesterday about the amazing new features that come with the updated version of our Ajax AutoComplete extension. Along with the great Google Search option you can bind it with our latest DMXzone Google maps and while autocompleting the location you're looking for, simply add a marker on a Google Map. If you still don't have the DMXzone Google Maps we packed it together with the Ajax AutoComplete in a discount package called Ajax AutoComplete & Google Maps bundle.

Also we have a Blitz 48h sale on the Ajax AutoComplete so be quick and get it with a great price cut.

Ajax AutoComplete Gets Supercharged with Address Lookup and Google Maps

While our American friends were celebrating Independence Day, DMXzone developers have been working on a major update for the Ajax AutoComplete. It comes with an amazing support for Google Maps and now you can autocomplete any address from the Google search automatically and even more...The update will be ready for download tomorrow and for those of you that still haven't got it, we'll put it on a Blitz sale for 48 hours!

What We Read this Week:

Our friends form Packt Pub are back with some amazing books they're willing to share with the DMXzone audience. The first one from the series is the WordPress3.0 Search Engine Optimization, that will show you the secrets that professional SEO companies use to take websites to the top of search results and proliferate their business. You'll be able to take your WordPress blog/site to the next level, as well as brush aside even the stiffest competition with this book in hand.

We're working on a mini-review & competition that will be ready soon and you'll be able to win one or the 5 free e-books, that Packt are giving away!

Creating Perspective in Photoshop Winners

We have picked free access coupons for 3 lucky winners that joined our competition: Creating Perspective in Photoshop. If you missed this amazing course from Video2Brain it's in our Reviews section along with some other fantastic and useful books, mobile devices and online trainings.

What You Missed This Week

Here's our weekly summary that covers all the content, videos and showcases we did for our newly released DMXzone Google Maps. If you still haven't checked it yet, now it's a great time because it also comes with a discount. Also you'll find some user's showcases done with our previously released DMXzone Nivo Slider and if you have some more, feel free to send it to us and we'll post them in our DMXzone Blog.

DMXzone Google Maps with Many Records

Due to the many requests and question about showing more than 10 records in DMXzone Google Maps, we've created an FAQ, where you can follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to do that. To have your map loaded as quickly as possible and to prevent some limitations to be applied when using Google Geocoding Service you need to use the feature in our DMXzone Google Maps extension that converts an address to a latitude/longitude coordinates pair. 

Google Maps Shadowmaker for Custom Icons

In our DMXzone Google Maps extension, you can use the default markers as well as custom designed, and to look great on your Google Maps they need a shadow, so Shadowmaker,  a free online tool by Erwin Bolwidt is what you need to create it with a single click, without spending time in Photoshop.

DMXzone Google Maps Released with 50% Off for 48 hours

For the past few days we showed you the amazing features, included in our newest Dreamweaver extension - the DMXzone Google Maps. It loads extremely fast because of Google's Maps API V3, you can add as many markers as you want, create dynamic maps, add HTML description and much more... It's already up and running and ready to be yours with 50% Off for the next 48 hours!

Check out the many demos and videos we've created to see how it works on the web or a mobile device!

Control DMXzone Google Maps with Behaviors

To sweeten up the DMXzone Google Maps we also made it controlable by behaviors and so you can add/remove marker, pan to location, set center location, pan by distance, set zoom and set map type. Now, it's possible to bind it with other DMXzone extensions or control it even from images and links.

Stay tuned for the official release tomorrow that will start with a great 48 hours sale!

Update: DMXzone Google Maps is already released! 

Rich DMXzone Google Maps in Action

We had the time to play around with the upcoming DMXzone Google Maps and we've got to tell you that it's amazing and to prove that we've created a stunning demo with the 7 ancient wonders of the world. They are displayed with thumbnails as markers and also, when clicked they give you additional information about the chosen wonder. So read on to find our more of the features that are included in our newest Dreamweaver extension.

Update: DMXzone Google Maps is already released!  

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