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DMXzone's Sliding Billboard - Overview and Demos

“Organize your work greatly in a virtual book!”

Succeeding a great performance on the Web has never been an easy job. But the DMXzone Developer's Team doesn't share the opinion and created a stunning new extension, so that you can pimp up your web site and impress your users with a fantastic presentation of your work.

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A week before the official release for Sliding Billboard, we offer you two amazing demos to show you most of the features included in the extension.

Formula One Teams Demo

In this demo you can see how easy it is to make a sliding billboard, in a great looking style, with well aligned items, auto pagination and great animation, all done in a few mouse clicks in Dreamweaver.

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Sliding Billboard Styles Demo

Check out the different styles we've added in the Sliding Billboard, so that it fits perfectly to your site design. 


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Features Highlights:

  • Many stylish CSS designs included - Various styles to fit your web site perfectly
  • Pure CSS Gallery - Doesn't require any plugins and works on all modern browsers
  • Customizable animation - Adjust the Billboard appearance by speed, easing, scroll interval and more
  • Auto Paginating - Quick access to all the pages in the Sliding Billboard
  • Sectioning - Divide your content for a better preview
  • Add titles and description to each image - An easy way to write description for your images or products
  • DMXzone Resizer included - Integrated Resizer, so that you don't need to use any additional programs to fit the images to the Billboard
and more to be revealed in the next days, so stay tuned...

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